How to Keep Your Stash Fresh

How to Keep Your Stash Fresh

Posted by Madison on Feb 5th 2020

Being a regular cannabis user can be expensive. We've compiled a list of helpful tips to keep your purchases fresh and last longer. 

1. Storing flower and concentrate in the freezer can preserve it for a longer period of time. When kept in a sealed container, you don't have to worry about the items getting wet.

*Some growers use a 'fresh frozen' process that requires the plant the be harvested and frozen, rather than cured, to avoid terpene degradation. This is optimal for hash production and allows the heads of the trichomes to easily fall off for collection. Trichomes are a component of cannabis flower which contain the highest levels of cannabinoids.

2. Try to keep your products in an airtight container that isn’t plastic or scented, preferably a mason jar. Limiting the product's exposure to oxygen will extend the freshness.

3. Light exposure can be one of the greatest contributors to cannabinoid loss especially in concentrates or solutions. However, carefully stored cannabis/ hemp or concentrates are reasonably stable for 1-2 years when stored in the dark at room temperature.[6] This is completely dependent on the type of concentrate, in general concentrates should be stored in the dark/cold.

4.  If your tolerance is getting too high, try mixing CBD into your THC flower- not only will it extend your stash but it can be a wonderful way of staying productive during the day and getting your daily dose of CBD in. Plus you can bring your tolerance back down to base line. 

5. Most importantly, unless you are smoking hash or the flower itself you won’t be getting those terps in your product naturally and if they are there- they’re acting as contaminants.