About Us

After being talked out of studying Business and Exercise Science, Alex - the founder of Proper Edibles - went on to earn a degree in Chemistry.

After nearly 1,000 hours of real-world lab experience, Alex decided to move to New York City and become a personal trainer at a high-end gym in 2010.

Within a year he had created a protein bar and sold hundreds of units within his fitness network and to small shops around the neighborhood. This project was put on pause as his personal training career developed.

Fast forward to 2016 and the laws in the United States regarding cannabis have loosened significantly. At this point it was time to incorporate infused coconut oil into the protein bar recipe. This experimentation allowed Alex to exercise his Chemistry muscles when it came to extractions, ratios, and consistent outputs.

Feedback from the first and second protein bar ventures called for a vegan product which was quickly developed, sampled, and loved by many. In the vein of vegan requests, a dark chocolate recipe was formulated and added to the menu.

As of the recent Farm Bill signing, it came time to truly create and launch a brand around these hemp-derived CBD edibles.

Every Proper Edibles product begins with the purchase of legal hemp flower with lab results specifying the amount of CBD and showing a passing grade on amounts of pesticide and heavy metals. Through a consistent and repeatable process, this hemp flower is infused into organic coconut oil. This oil is used in all recipes to produce the same number of products every time - ensuring consistency in reported CBD strength per serving.

Many other CBD edibles contain very specific and isolated parts of the oil from a hemp flower, which often requires chemicals and solvents to extract. As a result the isolated or distilled CBD in your product will have a limited effect and not quite be how CBD exists in nature. On the other hand, Proper Edibles uses coconut oil only - no chemicals, no solvents, just an organic and healthy food. As a result Proper Edibles uses full-spectrum CBD, which includes many different types of CBD that have a reported "entourage effect." This effect is caused by the collection of different compounds within the oil as they are found in nature.

Proper Edibles views CBD as a product that fulfills a consumer's need rather than a want. Due to this view we are dedicated to keeping prices low and affordable - while at the same time providing healthy options to the sugar filled candies commonly seen in the market. On top of that, we have no interest in over reporting the strength of our product...we will report honestly and let the market respond!